How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 10 Without Losing Data? [8 Fixes]

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Windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download

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If the 5 above software tricks didn’t help you get rid of the Windows black screen after login problem, you can go on some hardware related options. Typically when a digital display cable like an HDMI cable is loose, it can distort or fill a monitor with purple hues. Now the pop-up window gives the detailed information.

Windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download


In case you can log in to your PC clean it up from too much junk. Use ST Cleaner to clean it. Go for System Cleaning. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes. I’ll keep working with you until it’s resolved. Can you access another PC to download the media creation tool or do you have access to one? If you do then you can try fixing the boot from that. Once you have the command prompt up on screen, you will need to issue a set of commands to find and resolve issues that might be preventing your computer from booting.

This command will attempt to fix any corruption issues with the master boot record. If all goes well, you should see The operation completed successfully. This command will attempt to write a new boot sector on the hard disk if Windows detects damage.

Usually, this happens in cases where an older version of Windows was installed, or a non-compatible operating system such as Linux was installed. This operation can also restore boot entries for older versions of Windows if you have a dual boot configuration.

Here is how you do it. The ScanOS command can find and restore entries for older versions of Windows. I hope this helps. In reply to Time Lady’s post on April 12, Your discretion is very much advised. Andre Da Costa Volunteer Moderator.

Is your PC greeting you with a black screen, a never-ending rotating circle, or just a Windows logo when you try to boot up? It could be anything! Seeing a black screen before login? Or after login? Or how about a black screen with only a cursor? The possible causes of a black screen could be:. A Windows update gone wrong recent updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade have caused issues.

Note that the solutions look very different depending on whether the black screen happens before you see the login screen or after. Or, jump down to solutions for a black screen after logging in. One of the best tools for this is AVG TuneUp , which can turn off all non-essential applications and put them to sleep.

Get it for Android , Mac. Get it for Mac , Android. Cables break. Constantly plugging in connectors wears them out over time. To check whether your cable is somehow affected, try a different video cable e. Your display could be defective or set to the wrong source, which can also lead to a black screen. Try connecting to a different display if you have one. Or move from your monitor to TV or vice versa. The issue could also be a mismatch of monitor and resolution. Perhaps some plugged in hard disk, Wi-Fi antenna, or your VR headset is causing an issue during boot.

Try eliminating all these factors and removing everything not directly necessary for your PC to work. Just leave your monitor, mouse, and keyboard plugged in.

On a big desktop computer, try removing all unnecessary components, such as sound cards, or switch out the graphics card and upgrade your RAM. Hit that repeatedly right after pressing the power button. Try finding an entry that says Load defaults or Optimized defaults or something similar.

This will reset everything back to default settings in case something went awry. After doing this repeatedly, the Windows Startup repair should launch automatically. Click Restart and hope that this fixes your black screen problem. Select the first option: System Restore. Hit the Next button and wait for Windows to restore all necessary files and essentially bring things back to the state where everything worked swimmingly.

In some cases, you might need to reinstall an application or an update that you installed in the meantime. Windows Safe Mode launches your PC with the absolute minimum amount of drivers or programs running, which will help you avoid a black screen. To go into Safe Mode , follow the steps above to enter the Windows Repair environment tool.


Windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download


While installing Windows 10, when the computer restarts after finishing the installation, everything went black on the screen. Neither the cursor nor anything else is visible on Windows 10 install black screen.

Is your computer displaying the same? Many users experience it. Upgrading your system to Windows 10 is not smooth sailing always. After a successful update, users reported getting a black screen. It usually occurs when the computer restarts. Some users can see the cursor, while in some cases, it is not present at all.

When you experience, it seems like you have lost your desktop icons. Read on to know the causes of Windows install black screen, solutions to fix it, and how to recover data with Recoverit. When you get the black screen after installing windows 10, you must be wondering what is causing it and how to fix it. Before moving to the solution, first, take a look at the possible causes of this error.

Well, the reason can be any, but we have listed some of the possible ones that users generally experience. Now navigate through the solutions to fix the black screen during windows 10 installation or maybe after installation. If there is some problem with the hardware, it can also cause the problem of the black screen. Check жмите with the below steps:. Step 2: Look for the option Device Manager and then click on the result for opening the app. Step 4: Right-click on the particular device and click on the Properties option.

Step 5: Click on the General tab and confirm the component status in «device status. When the жмите сюда, if the status is «This device is working fine,» that means the hardware is not experiencing any issue. Even after waiting for several minutes, when the black screen does not disappear, enter the Windows security screen to restart your computer.

Step 2: Select the drop-down menu with the windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download key and use arrow keys to select «restart. This will restart the system, and probably the black screen issue disappears. While restarting the system, if the Windows prompts you to save any open file, use arrow keys to save it or don’t save as per your preference.

You can repair Windows 10 install black screen by repairing it in safe mode with the below steps:. You will be directed to the command prompt. Open device manager by typing devmgmt. Check are you able to boot your system normally now? If your Windows installation completes and you can boot the system normally, then update display drivers and then restart your computer. The problem might have fixed.

The connected external devices can also cause Windows 10 to install a black screen. Follow the below steps to fix it:. Step 3: If the problem is resolved, plug all the devices back to the windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download.

But do this one by one to determine the faulty external drive. First, try to update the drivers of the device that is creating error. If this does not work, try replacing it.

If you are getting the black screen after installing any software, programs, or Windows update recently, then this could be the reason for the black screen after installing windows There are нажмите чтобы увидеть больше that the installed programs are not compatible with your system or Windows.

Remove the recently installed updated with these steps:. Step 2: Look for the latest installed programs. Right-click on the respective program and then select «uninstall. Step 3: Now restart your system and see whether the black screen disappears or is it still there. If the screen is returned to normal, it signifies the installation of any incompatible software. But if you are still viewing the same black screen, proceed to the next solution.

Step 1: Log in with safe mode and windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download on start then move to the control panel. Any of the installed Windows theming software from any third party can cause a black screen. Uninstall them to fix the Windows install black screen. Any corrupted Windows profile can also cause a black screen. Log in to your system using different users through safe mode to check it.

If you can log in without seeing any black screen, windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download means that your previous account has some problems.

Replace the problematic user account folder with the working user account. Proceed it with the below steps:.

Step 1: Your windows account needs to be an administrator. If it is not, activate it with the below steps:. Step 4: Click on «Other people» and then tap on «add someone else to pc. If you are not able to fix the Windows install black screen try resetting the computer. Here is how you can reset it:.

Step 4: Now click on «get started» in reset this pc. Follow the instructions on-screen to reset pc. After trying all the above solutions, if the screen remains black or while resetting PC if you lose your data, then do not worry.

You can recover it with the best data recovery software. Recoverit Data Recovery is an excellent software with the highest recovery rate. It can recover data of any size that is lost under various scenarios. Follow the below steps to recover data from a crashed computer. Download and install the recovery software Recoverit on a different computer that works normally.

Now create a bootable media on that computer. Launch Recoverit on another computer that is working fine and select the option «recover from the crash computer.

Connect the USB to the computer and create a Bootable media. When the system recognizes the drive, click on «Start. But remember, all the stored data will be deleted. So make sure you have a backup. After clicking on the format, a firmware starts getting downloading. This software is embedded in узнать больше здесь hardware devices and is vital for creating a bootable drive.

After downloading the firmware, the formatting of the connected USB begins. Then the creation of bootable media starts. Do not eject the USB until the process of creating a bootable media completes. Connect bootable media – /37306.txt drive to your computer that is displaying a black screen.

Start windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download press the BIOS key to select the bootable media and boot your system. When the computer boots from the created bootable media, click on data recovery or hard disk copy. If you are selecting data recovery, select the disk to begin the scanning and connect a drive to your computer.

When the scanning completes, select the location to save your recovered data. Select hard drive windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download to your computer and then click on «recover. When the recovery completes, it displays the message — file recovery completed. If you select hard disk copy, click on the copy directory option and connect the drive to your computer. Select the connected drive and click on «copy.

When the process completes, it displays the message. Windows install black screen is the error that users experience while installing or after installing Windows The reasons for this black screen can be any.

We have discussed the possible causes of the black screen and solutions. While trying the solutions if your data gets lost, we recommend recovering it with the Recoverit Data Recovery. It is the best software with the highest recovery rate.

You can create bootable media to boot your computer from it and perform the recovery process. Generally rated 4. Read here for the solutions. Download Win Download Mac. David Darlington. You Might Also Like. How to Recover Files from Formatted Partition.

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