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Jun 23 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. PostgreSQL «bytea» data type will now being exported as E’ Pembrokeshire Coastal Path: A new way to walk through the entire path December 6,am.

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More info. Other minor improvements. Realtek HD Audio Driver 6. In the user-friendly interface you can add a file to encode it also supports batch conversion , but you can also use the drag and drop method while you are browsing for files in Explorer a floating drop box is displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. Once you have specified the output destination, you can edit meta data it will supersede data from the source , enable or disable LameXP to automatically generate a playlist file M3U , as well as configure compression and advanced options.

If you are an advanced user, you can also adjust the LAME algorithm quality – from poor quality very fast to best quality very slow , enable bitrate management for LAME and OggEnc2, select sampling rate and MP3 channel mode, enforce stereo down mix of multi-channel sources, enable volume normalization filter, adjust treble and bass, set a rename pattern, adjust multi-threading, and more. Flexible screen capture capabilities Smoothing shadow effect in Photoshop style Powerful image processing and basic canvas transformations Support of various image formats and advanced auto-save options Easy Web publishing and E-Mail sending Multilingual user interface Unicode based Easy makes screenshots of windows with rounded corners WinSnap saves info about window form and adds real smoothing shadows.

Basic coloring effects and canvas transformations. Advanced auto-save and auto-copy options. Configurable External Tools menu to open image editors and optimizers.

Usual keyboard and mouse control Print Screen replacement. Updated languages: Farsi, French, Turkish Fixed crash when starting in Region capture mode Some other minor improvements and bug fixes. Select or specify a part of disk or partition to scan. Automatically shut down the computer while finish scanning.

Scan result will be automatically saved to the specified location. Scan disk with the super-fast speed. Mark healthy sectors in green and errors in red. Force to shut down or stop scanning process is supported. NO harm to your computer. Homepage OS: Windows 10, 8. PremiumSoft Navicat Premium Bug Fixes: Error occurred when synchronizing structure in some cases.

You can now specify the target amount of words or characters that you want to add to a given document. Progress towards the target would be indicated through the new «Writing target» section of the status bar. When the target is reached, the «Writing Target» section of the status bar starts blinking. Atlantis can also optionally play a sound of your choice it would be played even if the status bar is not displaying. You can assign a custom sound to the «Writing target reached» event through the «Tools Customize Sounds The next time you open the document, Atlantis will automatically load the writing target info from the document file.

The status bar of Atlantis can report the character and word count of the active document. Now when you make a selection in the document, these sections report the character and word count of the selected text A new «Show bookmarks» command is now available in the «Tools Customize Hot Keys You can associate this new command with a hot key of your choice. This command displays a list of the bookmarks available in the active document.

In This Version: Added some third-party software cleaning. Improved the compatibility with Windows xp x64 Edition. Improved the function Common Cleaner. Updated various translations.

GUI and usability improvements. Turns on and off autorun elements Removes autorun elements Batch processes autorun records Automatically controls disabled records Suspends running of programs not available in Windows XP Shows a visual Windows boot up time diagram Checks each autostart element for viruses in more than 60 antivirus programs Quickly searches Automatically detects erroneous records. Online services interaction improvements. The interaction with VirusTotal, a service for online checking for viruses has been improved.

Field names for some tables with special names were unable to be listed in Report Builder. Aug 30 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Improvements: Horizontal scrollbar is now reset to the left position after applying Beautify SQL feature.

Aug 2 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. When exporting numeric data with comma as decimal seperator to access file, the numbers were displayed without the comma. Failed to transfer database objects to different server type when transfering to sql file in Data Transfer. When exporting numeric data to excel file, it would be exported as string type. Jul 15 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

Fixed «mysql. Foreign Key link position in Visual Builder were not accurate enough. Server Monitor would crash if being opened for a while. Jun 23 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

Beautify SQL would cause error if extra spaces existed in aggregate function. Fixed error when importig XML files from the Interent. When exported data to Excel spreadsheet, string start with zero e.

Jun 8 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Each SQLite field was limited to bytes. Tab order in Import Wizard was set up incorrectly. May 31 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. In Navicat main, copying action would not work properly after certain user actions. When adding new field and tabbing across cloumns in Table Designer, bule hash would appear at the end of the columns.

When tabbing betweem columns in Table Deisgner, some columns would be skipped. Beautify SQL feature did not compatible with Navicat Query Parameter syntax, so that error would occur when running the parameter query. May 17 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

Improved smart quote identifier for SQLite. Improved virtual grouping rename issue – e. Bug Fixes: Access Violation error occured when exporting chart report to excel file. May 10 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Support Cancel action in copying SQLite objects, table and query. The font size used in Query grid was smaller than in View grid. Fixed the wrong positioning issue of main menu items. May 3 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Improvements: Improved the performance for opening Table Viewer with huge amount of columns.

Bug Fixes: When selecting a particular entry in an enum select box by typing the first letters of the item, the wrong value would be saved if confirmed the changes using the check mark. When applied «Auto save» function, recover window would not launched if multiple Navicat instances started.

When trying to determine if the dataset were editable in Query, error would occur if user contained privilege on View, but did not have select privilege for Table. Apr 26 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Improvements: Better handle case sensitive of object identifier for Query Builder. Support «select Attached hot keys to the navigation bar in Table Viewer. In Oracle Code Outline, supports parameter as node for simple view. Toolbar would blink when toggling taskbar auto hide option.

Oracle debugger window could not be closed when debug running error occured. When sweithed between Query Builder ad Query Editor, «;» would be inserted into the middle of the statement. Apr 12 Navicat for Premium Windows version 9.

Code Folding. Parameter Tips. SQL Beautifier. Object Filter. Individual database objects backup. Unicode Character Report. Auto save in Query, Function etc. Custom sort in Tabler Viewer. Significant Improvements made in editor and data grid searching. History Log Viewer.

Feb 24 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Word Wrap status did not save in the Query Editor. Error dialog occured when selecting target connection in Data Transfer. Jan 19 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Bug Fixes: Restore function could not work properly.

Insert Field did not work in Table Designer. Jan 12 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Nov 18 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Improvements: In step 6 of Import Wizard, Source field name would be truncated if longer than characters.

Now, Navicat supports up to field name characters. Refresh did not work for getting update data. When import text-based file using Import Wizard, Navicat was unable to get the number of columns correctly if the file did not contain field name row or there were empty lines existed before first data row.

Oct 28 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Failed to establish SSH connection when the private key path contained unicode. When a table contained some long field names, those field names were only partialy visible or even invisible in Form View. Oct 5 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Sep 25 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Improvements: «Exceed package size PostgreSQL «bytea» data type will now being exported as E’ Bug Fixes: «Property cannot be found» error occured when importing Access file with datatype that may involve decimal places info, e.

SQL statements exported from Export Wizard was exported incorrectly. The last field in the table would be disappeared. Sep 3 Navicat Premium Window version 8. Date field was not converted correctly when exported to DBF file. Docked windows could not show in task bar under Windows 7. Email attachment in Schedule could not be sent if «Add timestamp» option was enabled in Export Wizard.

Aug 11 Navicat Premium Window version 8. Improve suggestion on target data type and provide a default precision and scale information in Import Wizard.

Support export to clipboard. When docking a console window to main window, the wheel of mouse would be no effect. Month calendar Could not fully display in some system.

Jul 22 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. When exported data to MS Access, month and day values were mixed up. Slow problem while transfering data from command line. Access Violation error happened when creating new table with index. Fixed SQL parsing problem for Oracle version. Index, constraint and trigger could not be renamed in Table Designer.

Jul 13 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. If table names stated with number e. When applied docking feature under Windows 7, «System Error. Code: The parameter is incorrect» occured. Fixed «Select» statement with empty string in Query Editor resulted in Access violation. Jul 9 Navicat Premium Windows version 8.

Improved dual monitor system support. Report files are now able to copy to other dataabses. When closed the Restore dialog after restored, Access violation occured.

User-defined schema would not show in Structure Synchronization. After saved the query in Query Editor, the cursor returned to the beginning of the script. When deleted multi-cell in Table Viewer, Navicat would hang. Jul 2 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Fixed the column width not saved in Query Result tab.

When exporting tables with choosing «None» for Field delimiter into Text file, it now not add 0 null character as delimiter.

SSH connection did not work properly. Last Character would be chopped when exported data using Export Wizard. Jun 26 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Enhancement: Ability to duplicate connection. Bug Fixes: Fixed while changing value in table grid view given » – Unknown column » in ‘field list'» error message using MySQL server version 4. Jun 25 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Bug Fixes: Fixed access violation issue while reorganizing Join table for a saved query.

Fixed «Duplicate Field» function in Table Designer, given «unknown column Fixed access violation issue during backup process. Jun 22 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Support all subobjects: fields, indices, foreign keys and triggers. Support of partitioning. Latest Oracle versions support Support Oracle version 8.

Support all subobjects: fields, indices, foreign keys, uniques, checks and triggers. Managing directories, tablespaces, public database links and public synonyms. Managing database links, indices, java, materialized views, materialized view logs, packages, sequences, synonyms, triggers, types, XML Schema and Recycle Bin. Support of physical attributes. Support all PostgreSQL objects: tables, views and functions.

Support all subobjects: fields, indices, foreign keys, uniques, checks, rules and triggers. Managing tablespace, cast and languages. Managing aggregates, conversions, domains, trigger functions, operators and classes, sequences and types.

Support of character set and Unicode. Cross-servers Data Manipulation Tools Support of transferring data across various database systems. Ability to transfer data to a text file with designated SQL format.

Setting schedule for profiles from different kind of databases. Support of sending notification e-mail and attachment for schedule task. Export Registry Record. Well-designed user interface Virtual Grouping for connections and objects. Customize of connection order. Data are well-shown in the tree view. Grid View and Form View support. Well-described Wizard System. Support docking windows.

Powerful data management tool Foreign Key Data Selection. Supports Parameter Query. Import and Export support. Data Synchronization support. Structure Synchronization support. Support Views in Query Builder. Support of Views Builder. Support SQL Previewer. Support of Word Wrap. Provides a short-cut to terminate a running query. Manage Users. Server Monitor.

Download here. Jul 21 Navicat Premium macOS version Jun 14 Navicat Premium macOS version Function group creation issue.

Hanged when updating records in some cases. May 10 Navicat Premium macOS version Bug-fixes: Chart title display issue. Query listing issue when loading cloud queries. Mar 28 Navicat Premium macOS version Bug-fixes: Crashed when opening a table in some cases. Mar 21 Navicat Premium macOS version Bug-fixes: Crashed when hovering over tabs.

Mar 14 Navicat Premium macOS version Crashed when moving a connection from Navicat Cloud to My Connections. Crashed when running Automation in some cases. Mar 1 Navicat Premium macOS version Bug-fixes: Crashed when using table viewer. Feb 23 Navicat Premium macOS version Crashed when closing Navicat in some cases. Hanged when designing table. Unable to scroll through the fields with the mouse wheel in Query Builder. Duplicate options in the user Plugin dropdown menu. Connection coloring did not work on subtabs.

Crashed when importing invalid json files. Feb 8 Navicat Premium macOS version Bug-fixes: Minor bug fixes and improvements. Jan 13 Navicat Premium macOS version Jan 10 Navicat Premium macOS version Jan 3 Navicat Premium macOS version Line numbers disappeared when scrolling in Query Editor.

Dec 15 Navicat Premium macOS version Crashed in some cases. Dec 7 Navicat Premium macOS version Crashed when opening query on macOS SSL connection error. Missing menu items when opening query in new window. Nov 23 Navicat Premium macOS version Nov 10 Navicat Premium macOS version Bug-fixes: Crashed when running scripts in some cases. Crashed when copying records in some cases. The TEXT pane did not retain when running queries.

Aug 19 Navicat Premium macOS version Jun 29 Navicat Premium macOS version Bug-fixes: Crashed when adding relations to a logical model. Differences were incorrectly detected when synchronizing MySQL table structures.

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The original name of «The North Face». Thompkins planed to climbe the red cliffs of grand canyon. It is almost as high as the Washington Monument. The Sierra Nevada was great. Its east was Morgan peak, which was as high as meters.

The other side was Sida peak, which was as high as meters. Here in Lord chakras, the major veins of Nevada mountain. Doug and thompkins, the founders of the north face , have climbed the mountains. While at this time, they decided to climb from the noth face a unknown peak beside Mount Whitney. Why not open a store by ourselves? This was the sprout of the north face pas cher.

Before long, the two young people back to San Francisco. They immediately rented a small shopfront in the centre of the downtown. The back of the shop was the processing workshop.

Thompkins in charge of the sales department, while Doug with his concentration on the machine product.

The shop was naturally named The North Face. Certainly, they did not forget to climb. In , Doug and Thompkins registered»the north face» as its trademark.


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Bug Fixes: Data Modeling Tool was unable to set the reference field of foreign key.

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